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Collect and respond to all your reviews from one platform.

We collect all your reviews from different sites and categorize them by negative, positive, unanswered and by topic. You can reply to your reviews directly from our dashboard, saving you a lot of time and giving you great insights into how your business is performing.


Improve your rankings and scores on review sites

Knowing what to improve and responding to the majority of your reviews will automatically be rewarded with a higher ranking by reviews sites.

To make sure your business becomes the best in its category, you can compare your scores and reviews with those of your direct competitors.


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Get more reviews from your guests

Set up an automated email to both first-time and returning visitors and ask them to leave a review or solicit direct feedback.

Mail-after-visit is the most effective way to encourage your guests to write reviews about their experience and share what makes them come back every time.

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If you would like to arrange a time for a SO REVIEW demonstration, please contacts us.

In order for SO REVIEW to be enabled, you must purchase a SITE license for your business location:

  • 1 Year SO CONNECT Guest Engagement License - $95 CAD per month
  • 2 Year SO CONNECT Guest Engagement License - $75 CAD per month
  • 3 Year SO CONNECT Guest Engagement License - $70 CAD per month

Please see the SO-CONNECT pricing page for more detailed information.

Once the site license is purchased, you can manage your device from this link:



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